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The PLT-5000 Pocket Laser Tachometer accurately measures RPM and Surface speed using contact or non-contact measurement techniques. This battery-powered unit is extremely compact for convenient portable use and is supplied in a rugged and attractive plastic housing that is ergonomically designed for optimum comfort.

When measuring RPM in the non-contact measuring mode, the PLT-5000 emits a precision laser beam that is aimed at a small piece of reflective tape, which is affixed to the rotating target.

The PLT-5000 is extremely easy to operate and quickly converts from non-contact operation to contact operation by screwing the contact adapter in place. In addition to RPM’s, a wide variety of engineering units for surface speed and length are user-selected via the front panel buttons. Units include; feet per minute, meters/min, yards per minute, inches per minute and more.

A built-in memory stores up to 10 measurements plus minimum, maximum, average and last.

FREE traceable calibration certificate
14 memories
Sharp Visible Laser Beam
Converts Metric & English Readings
Up to 60" Range
Two (2) year warranty
Measures RPM & surface speed and length
Simple One Button Operation

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Complete Kit

Complete Kit
The PLT-5000 comes as a complete kit with storage case, 6" circumference wheel, Funnel Adapter, Cone Adapter, Contact Adapter, three (3) AA Batteries, reflective tape, Traceable certificate and instruction manual.complete kit
Display 5 digit 0.47" (12mm) height LCD
RPM Measuring Range Contact, 6.0 - 25,000 (limited for safety reasons)
Non-Contact; 6.0 - 99,999
Surface speed 6" Wheel (m/min) 1.0-3,810, (yards/min) 1.0-4,166.4
(inch/min) 36-99,999 ( feet/min) 3
Length- ( Using 6" wheel) in/min: 36 - 99999
ft/min: 3.0 - 12500
yrds/min: 1.0 - 4167.0
m/min: 1 - 3810
Total RPM 1-99,999
Accuracy Revolution 6.0-599.9 rpm± 1rpm, 600-99,999 rpm:± 0.006% & ± 0.5 digit
Surface speed, length 0.4% and ± 1 digit
Memory function 14 Reading are stored in memory and retained for five minutes
(Last, Max, Min
Update time One Second
Detection Laser Diode, Class II
Auto Power Off 5 Minutes
Batteries Included 3 AA 1.5V
Low Battery Indicator Flashing "LO BAT" in display
Over Range Indicator Flashing "OVR" display
Operating Temperature 32-110F (0-45)
Case construction ABS Resin
Dimensions 4.55" L x 2.52" W x1.24"H (115.5 mm x 64 mm x 3.15 mm)
4.55" L x 2.52" W x1.2
Weight 6 ounces (160 g), including batteries
Accessories Storage Case, Cone Adapter, Funnel Adapter, Master Wheel ( 6") Contact adapter, three (3) AA Batteries, 25 reflective tapes, NIST Certificate, Instructions
Country of Origin Taiwan
Warranty 2 Years

news  PDF Data Sheet  Click to download
manual  Sample Calibration Certificate  Click here to download
manual  PDF Instruction Manual  Click here to download

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